Kamakazi birds

Kamakazi birds
street view

A weird thing happened today. As I was driving and leaving my housing division, a bird hit my car. There were two birds and they flew from the trees on the right hand of the road to the middle of the road. Perhaps they spotted a worm. I approached them and I figured that they would fly off. Unfortunately, they chose to retrace their flight which my truck happened to drive into. Sigh. I had a feeling they would flee in that direction. I should have drove on the other side of the road.

This is a first for me. So far, I have run over a squirrel and a couple of cats. I feel bad about killing them and wish I would have seen them in time to avoid hitting them. But it is a hard fact of destroying the environment, err, driving a car. I have also had a near miss from some deers (which will definitely do some damage). Of course, I don’t count the millions of insects that I have killed.

But that is not what is weird. Two hours later, I was again leaving my housing division on the same road and another bird hit my car! Coincidence? Or have I pissed of the bird god? I actually like birds, they eat insects and without them the insects would rule the earth. I should buy a bird bath and a bird feeder to make up for this…

This time I did not see the bird at all except for a brief glimpse from my peripheral vision and a loud thud from outside (my windows were rolled down). This time I stopped and looked for the bird but did not see anything. While I was checking my truck for damage a cop stopped and asked me if there was anything wrong. I responded that I was struck by a bird!

Should I start taking another exit from the complex?