Game Day 08/28/2007

Game #1

Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization

Marty, Harry, and I played Through the Ages tonight. The three player game was pretty quick at three and a half hours long. I did pretty well with my leaders.

Homer was first. This was the first time that I have played with him. I liked him because he gives you easier troop building and victory points for the troops.

Michelangelo was next. I didn’t bother to get the St. Peter’s Basilica. Instead, I built the University Carolina which gave me much needed science income. I did build a theater though. They are certainly helpful later on in the game. And they give bonuses for certain leaders.

Bach was next. This fit in perfectly with my theater strategy. Since I knew that there were some leader killing cards out there, I didn’t want to get too dependent on the leader bonuses. I built the Eiffel tower for a straight 4 victory point generation. And, what a surprise, an Iconoclasm came out and made me discard him.

But Elvis was waiting in the wings. So I built the movies to get a good bonus. And Fast Food chains for a one time bonus.

This game is all about being well rounded and still generating victory points. And my problem was my armies. Fortunately, I was just enough ahead in the first and second ages to not be attacked. Surprisingly enough, I made it through the third age with out any wars declared on me and only one attack on a colony which I let succeed.

I was also surprised to see that no one kept up with me in culture point generation. I was at 12 and Marty and Harry were at 3 for a long while. And, by the end of the game, I was 50 points ahead of Marty. I didn’t do that well in the end game scoring, but my lead was too substantial to overcome.