Game Day 09/13/2007

Game #1


The mourning for Franz-Benno Delonge continued tonight with this two player game. I like it. It is a combination of Carcassonne and Go. Probably not so much like Go. But after the board has been created, you do need to carefully consider how to expand your territory such that you get more than your opponent. Mike didn’t have a chance.

Game #2


Next up was a betting game some what like craps. Well, like craps in the sense that you are placing pieces that are bets of probabilities. For example, the bet that all three ships make it into port is less likely than the bet that at least one will make it. So the payouts are higher for the riskier bets. And how can you not like the pirate bet where if the ship lands on the 13th spot, then you get a big reward. Which Jon took advantage of twice (and pretty much gave him the game).

Game #3


Next up was another three player game of Phoenicia. I tried to go after cloth-making. And once again I hurt myself on a fort purchase during the first turn. Another thing that hurt me was the poor distribution of cards. Besides my first 6, I kept drawing 4s and 5s for money. And the cloth house came out late.

When it did, I did not expect Chapel to overbid on it. It was completely useless to him as he went for advanced mining. That move decided the game right then and there. I was in last place and Jon was in first. Jon was clearly making more money than Mike. But Mike wanted to play it out to the end. Not that it made a difference.