With six doubles in my hand, I just had to bid (6:6 5:5 4:4 3:3 1:1 0:0 6:1). The safe bid is a two-mark bid. If that goes around, I lead the 6:1 as a one with no trump and claim. Unbeatable. But I was in a risky mood and decided to plunge! I should have realized that, unless my partner has the other double, that he would not take a trick and punt. He could call some suit trump and hope that I had the top double. In this hand, he fortunately did not do that because he would have called twos trump and we would have been set. So he just punted to me in a six. Which I wanted, because it drew sixes out. And I needed to walk a low six at the end. My next play was a mistake. I played the 5:5. This lets people play their lowest fives and I need the 6:5 to fall. What I should have done was save the 4:4 and 5:5 for the third and second to last plays. Hopefully, by then, people will only have one of a number and be forced to play the 6:5 and 6:4. Sadly, only the 6:4 fell to my four and the 6:5 stopped me.