Disc Golf 10/27/2007

new parking lot
new restroom
new emergency call box
new lights

I haven’t been to the Rivery in a while. And it looks like they have done some construction in my absence. They paved the parking lot, they built a restroom near the playground (and hole 1), they installed some emergency call boxes, and they put some street lights in. Some of which are directly in our line of throw on hole 6!

hole 6 overgrown

In fact, hole 6 is completely overgrown! And I gave up on it when my sidewinder went into the trees. Which pissed off John as he managed to par it. Hehe… but thems the breaks….

garbage can graffiti

Some one wrote some graffiti on the garbage can next to hole 2. It says “I only play the games that I win at”.