Bike Wreck

Bike wreck

I am beginning to think that my riding bike is a death-trap. I took a spill this morning. The roads were slightly damp. No problem. Until I came to an area of new construction and the road was covered with mud. Now my tires are covered in mud, but still no problem. And then I approached an intersection. Once I made the right-hand turn over the concrete, I went down. Fortunately, my hip took the worst of it. A good Samaritan asked me if I was alright. It was all that I could do to nod my head yes. It took me a while to walk that one off.

I was going to get back on that horse and continue the ride. But the rear of my bike felt squirrelly. And I wussed out and turned around.


The hand-sized welt turned into a nice bruise.