Disc Golf 03/29/2008

New tree on 2

The meetup group went to Old Settler’s Park today. Out of the 8 who RSVP’d yes, only 4 showed up. It looks like someone planted a new tree right in front of the tee and in the middle of what little open space there was! Was that on purpose? Or do the employees not realize that there is a disc golf course here? I know strollers in the park don’t.

Everyone in water

Its been a while since we have played here. And it showed. I threw into the water at hole 2 (and had to wade in to retrieve the disk). John did on hole three. Ken did on hole seventeen.

Hole 15

There were no birdies today for anyone. Although I had a chance on hole 15.

dam construction

The dam construction is ongoing. They have cleared out all the plants and trees on both sides. I wonder why. Are they going to lay cement on the cleared area?

It was also interesting to hear that our new meetup member, Cory, had somehow came across this blog when he was searching for information about the course at the Rivery in Georgetown. They tried searching for the tees and did not find them. So he looked around and saw this blog. We happened to be playing at that course. So, when he told his friend that people were playing it, his friend thought that we were playing a joke. Small world, I guess.

It sounded like he only saw the rather poor pictures on this blog rather than the full course photos here.