Krause Springs in Spicewood, Texas

Krause Springs

I went down to Krause Springs in Spicewood, Texas this afternoon. Which is quite long ride from my house. I forgot to bring some sandals. And I was forced to walk around barefoot. Which is not recommended. The ground was really hot and sharp.

There is a spring fed swimming pool near the top of a hill which is quite cold. And is a lot of fun jumping in. You can also climb down some stairs to a big pond. The water is warmer down here. But the main problem is the real muddy and scummy river bottom. It is not much fun to walk around in. And it is hard to actually get into the water. The rocks are very slippery. You certainly do not want to look like a fool by slipping and falling in front of everyone.

Humming Birds

There is also a small butterfly garden which had an active hummingbird feeder. You had to be quite patient waiting for Mr. Hummingbird to go back to the feeder when you had scared him off by trying to take a picture of him