Disc Golf 01/21/2006

Trouble #1a
Trouble #1b

Another day of disc golf. This time we went to the Rivery in Georgetown since we were making a trip up north for gaming. The teams were Jon and myself versus John and Mike. And our team started off poorly with 2 shots behind! Jon pulled a move of mine and launched his disc 90 degrees off its intended course and straight into a pond. After trying the retreiver and failing because the disc was floating onto of a mat of algae, Jon gave up and walked out to the disc.


Another poster for a competitive match. However, given our performance, I don’t think that we are ready yet.

Trouble #2

John had a really good throw that skipped into the area next to the goal and then skipped into the river. By this time, the retreiver was too tangled to use, so he used the low tech method of a big stick.

Trouble #3

And now its my turn to get into trouble. I was using my putter (Champion Aero) on this course because it flies pretty straight (well, when I can thow it decently). And since it is light, it has a tendency to remain stuck high in a tree rather than falling down. So Jon steps up to the plate and rescues my disc. Which brings us to my first term for Disc Golf. And that is Treejected: tr. v., having a throw bounce off of a tree and stop or go wildly off the intended course.

What was probably the most amusing thing of the day was the fact that Jon and I discovered how to taunt Mike into throwing randomly. Since we often have to make a throw behind trees, there is one throwing style that you can try. And that is called the tomahawk. Which I guess is named after how one would throw a throwing-axe (um, like a tomahawk). So, an overhand throw through trees is not a guaranteed thing. When we figured out that we could chant “Tomahawk… Tomahawk!” and Mike would decide to attempt an over the tree throw, we started doing that all of the time. Which fustrated John to no end. He would say “you know, you just just throw it normally like this…”

Afterwards, we went to Duke’s for some bar-b-que before making the trek to South Oklahoma…