Game Day 01/19/2006

Game #1

Hey! That’s my fish!

Ed brought a new game for us to play with the theme of penguins trying to collect the most fish. You have two penguins on an iceberg that is littered with fish. On your turn, you move a penguin in one of the six directions for as long as you want up to another penguin or the last hex. And your goal is to stake out territory for yourself that only you can collect. I was concentrating on staking out an area with one of my penguins while letting the other languish. However, luckily for me, the other players left an area for that one. So I was able to create two small icebergs that only I could collect. But I couldn’t collect enough fishes for the win. Jon was able to create a bigger space for himself.

Game #2


Another playing of this game for me. It seems to be the popular choice for a filler game for up to six people.

Game #3


Ahh, another playing of Antiquity for me. And I still haven’t won yet. But I want to play it more so I can master this game! The game can play quickly if every player is experienced with the rules. The only problem is that there are a lot of bits for this game. You must set up the board, move bits around during play, and then clean up a whole hell of a lot of games at the end.