More tire woes

Firestone ad

After getting home last night, I stopped to pick up mail. And as coincidence would have it, I recieve an advertisement for a Firestone special in the mail. So, I head over there Sunday morning and see if they can set me up. I learn that they don’t carry them in stock. I then drive over to NTB and learn the same thing. Defeated, I drive back home.

The next step is to plug my tire. But when I walk back into the garage I notice another flat tire! Gah!!! I was able to plug the first tire. So I install it and then remove the 2nd tire. But when I plugged that one, it would not hold air. Sigh. So now I am forced to use the spare.

I need new tires anyways. I am running low on tread. So I will call a tire place and have them order the tires for me. And have the tires aligned as well. Since I notice an abnormal wear pattern on the second tire.

2 thoughts on “More tire woes

  1. edroz

    You need new tires already? Isn’t your truck newer than mine? I haven’t replaced my tires yet and I drive 14,000 miles a week to work and back.

  2. Archilles

    In my world view, tires exist to sacrifice themselves for grip under full acceleration. Also, I think that this tire is softer than a normal general tire so it wears out quicker. So, perhaps 23K miles is not that bad for these tires.

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