Disc Golf 04/15/2006

Sign for hole 6

Jon, John and I went back to Georgetown’s Rivery course. I was afraid that all of the temporary signs would be missing and we would be unable to find the holes. Fortunately, that waqs not the case. We only had problems finding two holes (where we had to use our Jon-Positioning-System). As you can see above, the small wooden signs were still there (although only one spray-painted arrow remained).

Jon throws

When I described the course the last time, I was remiss in describing how cool and interesting this new layout is. It is certinaly different than all of the other courses that we go to. The wooded section provides some holes that need accurate throws (a small hole through the trees) and also general tree avoidance throwing skills (along a 400 foot hole). Also, there are changes of elevation where you have to throw up hill.


We came across some snakes going at it. They quickly fled in a tiny crack in the wall.


The one bad thing about this course is the tough and thorny vines. They will scratch you up as you maneuver around the trees. I even found some four inch high vines devoid of leaves sticking out of the ground. They remind me of caltrops.