Game Day 04/15/2006

Game #1

Power Grid Italy

Its been a while since I have played Power Grid. And I generally prefer Funkenschlag over Power Grid. But I wanted to try it out with the new maps. We decided to try Italy this time. What was interesting was that with 6 players, we only used 5 sections. And because of the layout of the map, there was not many choices in which section you could leave out (otherwise you would cut the map in two). Connections up north were cheaper than connections in the south. So four of the people started off in the north. Ed decided to go to the boot. And I went a little north of him.

One of the problems in Power Grid was that phase 3 is quick or missing. However in our game we had a 3 or 4 turns in phase three. That made the game a little better. And supposedly, oil was rare in this game. So I was lucky to get a couple of wind plants when I was the last player to bid for a power plant. Unfortunately, Susan was a little out of my reach and she won the game.

Game #2

Age of Steam: Germany

Since Adam and Mike were both playing Zepter, we took this opportunity to start an Age of Steam game. And we chose what looked like a hard map. Mike starts off in one area. I started out in another. And then Ed and Susan jumped right on top of us and took advantage of our positions. This effectly took Mike out of the game. And I was hurting badly (although I might have finally ended the game breaking even. But I would need to start over somewhere else). So we decided to call the game and start over.

The next time, no one else played in the area where I went. For the whole game, I was alone and was able to set up a good network. Only Susan had some slight problems in tring to make a profit.

And then for the rest of the day, we would joke about just giving up and starting over.

Game #3

Settlers of Nuremburg

I realized that it has been four years since I last played this game! Wow, how time flies… So we started out the game using the recommended positions. Unfortunately I chose white and the distribution of the deck of dice meant that I never got many resources. So I was out of the game. In fact, Susan got most of the resources. So much that she was able to win the game in the first third of the timeline! The starting roads were also unbalanced. I only got tolls once during the game. Flawed!

Game #4

Wings of War: Famous Aces

We ended up play this light and cute game of dog fighting. In each turn, you program three manouvers from a set of cards. These cards have arrows that describe the flight path. If your plane is within a distance and arc to an enemy plane, then that person will draw a damage card.

Susan was my partner. And whenever one of us was off a distance from the others I would use the term “off picking flowers”. In the above picture, I am on the left and Ed and Kevin are flying towards me. Susan is off picking flowers in the far right-hand side of the table!

Unfortunately, she was the first to die. So it was me against Ed and Kevin. I thought that both Ed and Keven were close to dying. Ed was a good opponent with an acrobatic plane. I took quite a lot of hits from him (and Kevin). And luckily enough, they were mostly 0s. In fact, I had 10 zero cards, 3 one cards, 3 two cards, and one three card. Which gave me 12 hit points of damage out of 15. What was cool was that I was able to take out first Ed and then Kevin for the win!