Game Day 12/21/2006

Game #1


Yeah, someone in our game group bought Imperial. My copy is somewhere over the Atlantic ocean… In this game, I started out as Russia. I was a little worried at first since it seemed like a hard country to start. But I made a good jump with it. My secondary stock was in France and my next purchase was to take over controlling interest in France. Which was a mistake.

This is definitely a return on investment game where your initial investment needs to pay you money. Which you then use to buy more stocks which pay you even more money. If your investments don’t pay you money, you are definitely hurting to win. Also, you should only invest in countries that will have high multipliers at the end of the game.

Game #2


This time Adam joined me in Battlelore. He too was new to the game but he picked it up quickly. We started out with a slightly more complex scenario with Goblins in it. Still no lore yet. I thought that my side was the better off because I had one more card in my hand and Goblins can flee twice as much. But Adam definitely had the terrain to his advantage. He raced to the hill in the middle of the board giving a good defensive bonus. So I decided to focus on the left flank and the possibly weak Goblins. The river really hampered me. It weakened some of my troops. But what really depressed me was when I tried to use the Battlelore card. I had a poor rolling of the dice and could not activate 6 units. For the units that I did activate, none of them did any damage, let alone kill anything! Gah!