Disc Golf 12/22/2006

John throws

Old Settler’s was beautiful out. Nice and warm (for December) out. Today, I had problems with water. On hole 3, my disc went into the tiny stream and it was easily recoverable. Then, on the next hole, I had a dilemma. There was a father with a kid next to the lake. And my disc lands close to the stream so that they are between me and the basket. I realize that they are not going to move (and are probably oblivious that they are on a disc golf course). So I carefully throw it. I mean they shouldn’t be in the path of the disc, and I wasn’t trying to hit them, but the mere fact that they are out there cause me to mess up the throw. I yell “four” as it heads near them and lands in the water. Sigh. Fortunately I was a able to barely see my disc and successfully use John’s retriever to catch the disc and drag it to the shore.