Game Day 12/23/2006

Game #1

To Court the King

After disc golf, we showed up at Tim’s house. He was cooking chili which smelled really good. Unfortunately, I think I experienced a shock to my system when I was outside at disc golf. The Juniper trees were visibly pollinating and our discs knocked some off that pollen down. So when I was at Tim’s house, my eyes were watering badly. At first I blamed the onions. But it was probably the cedar pollen. And maybe some cat dander as well. Who knows… but I was miserable.

We started off with a light game. One that I wanted to try out. It is like Easy Come, Easy Go where you are rolling dice to achieve a goal. However in this game, there are many intermediate goals. These goals give you special abilities which you can “tap” during your turn. Some cards give you extra dice while others let you modify the dice that you do roll. Your goal is to roll seven of a kind. This gets you the King and Queen card and puts the game into a final round. Everyone now tries to better your roll. If you rolled send 3s, then they need to roll seven of a higher number or eight (or more) of any number. When it comes back to you, you get one last try to beat whoever had the best roll. And thats it. It seems like a light and quick game.

Game #2

Space Dealer

Next up was space dealer. The rules were simple but there was a nagging question that I was unable to answer. This consumed a lot of time and we finally just made a house rule and started playing. I will have to look up the answer on the geek sometime…