There were two interesting hands. The first was my first doubles as a suit of their own hand. I had the following: 6:6 5:5 3:3 2:2 6:4 3:1 2:0 and bid it as a 35. I lead off with the 6:4 as a 4. Next, I play the 6:6 and the 5:5. Thankfully the 4:4 falls which promote the 3:3 and 2:2 as winners. My partner dumps the 0:5 on one of the tricks and, surprisingly enough, the other team dumps the 4:1 on another trick. So I was able to show that I already claimed 33 points and with the 3:3 and 2:2 I could get at least two more points to make 35! Woo woo!

On the other interesting hand, my partner bids 34 and leads the 6:3 as a three. I have the 3:2 but I am worried that the 6:3 is a looser. However, the next player plays the 6:4 on it thinking the same thing. I hold off playing the 3:2 which was a mistake. My partner is already set if he loses that trick. Throwing more points on it does not hurt. And it actually is beneficial because I might not be able to throw him my 3:2 in a safe manner.