Game Day 10/25/2007

Game #1

Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization

With three players present (and one of them being MWChapel), Through the Ages was nominated. I started off with Homer again. I really wanted to try a military strategy this time. And I started off good with Homer, two Warriors, and a Fighting Band. This allowed me to stay in the lead militarily. Which gave me the bonus when Uncertain Borders and Raiders showed up. When the first era showed up, Mike was able to take Michelangelo with a Theater. This allowed him to build two theaters and generate a lot of victory points. I was happy when I drew some aggression cards. I played Plunder against him to knock out some ore and food. On the next turn, I played Raid on him to destroy both theaters. This knocked him back down for a while. He learned his lesson real well and built up his military on the next turns.

I made one mistake in this game and it cost me the game. For some reason, Elvis Presley slipped under my radar. And when I noticed him, it was too late for me to pick it up. Sadly, there were no other point generator leaders for me to get. Doug noticed that the game was ending soon as well and picked up Elvis. This allowed him to win the game. But it was by a small margin. Less than ten points…