I, for one, welcome our baby zombie lizard overlords…

baby zombie lizard overlords

When I first moved into the house, it had spiders. Which I did not mind as long as they left me alone. After all, a live spider means dead insects. But now I am seeing lizards in the house. Or at least dessicated husks of babies that could not eat enough bugs. While it is sad that these lizards are dying, I guess that I am happy that there are not enough insects in my house to keep them alive.

Taking the picture was rather interesting, and frustrating. I used a EF-25 II on the 70-200mm. I also used the live view feature to focus. It was kind of neat to see the razor thin plane of focus move up and down the lizard. Of course the wind kept blowing the body around and the slightest touch on the lens would jitter the picture. And I had to use an umbrella to see the screen in the bright sunlight.