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Someone tries (and fails) to get no correct answer in the S.A.T. link

Dog water for sale link

AMMAN (Reuters) – A Jordanian woman knocked her husband out by hurling a tear gas canister at him during a domestic fight, Al Rai daily newspaper said Thursday.
The husband started shedding tears after he was hit and then blacked out. He was treated by medics.
Police were investigating the incident in the outskirts of the capital Amman, particularly the source of the tear gas canister.
The paper did not say what the couple had been arguing about.

New York girl gets Chris Rock’s old cell phone number link

16 year olds could get 1/2 a vote and 14 year olds a 1/4 vote link

The president’s feet are not alowed to touch dirt link

Currency origami that focuses on faces link

Roller coaster modelling set link

Blimps will save us link

People who use the Bible to justify hetero-only marriages should at least be consistent link

The city of Aliso Viejo, CA almost bans styrofoam cups because of the threat of water link

Georgia House bans genital piercings for women link

Cat Schwartz nude (via hidden thumbnails) link

Dogs and monkeys trained to herd sheep link

Fat Hamster in Printer Sparks Rescue link

Jerry Seinfield and Superman (and American Express) link

Learning Japanese through role-playing link

Learning Japanese link