Monthly Archives: September 2013

Sixth lunch set for a number of days

The first dish was roasted asparagus, spaghetti squash, and sliced shallots. I liked it.

The second dish was where I got creative. I made up a sauce of soy sauce, sherry cooking wine, peanut butter, shin-shu aka miso, and grated ginger. To which, I added tempeh. The sauce turned out good. I don’t think I like tempeh though. I did have one unmitigated disaster though. I roasted two vegetables which were new to me. The first was jicama. The second was yuca root. Little did I know that the yuca turned out to be covered in parafin wax. Which melted and made a mess in the toaster over. Sigh. What a CF. And then, when I cut them into cubes, the edges turned into a really tough substance and was unpleasant to eat.

With the third dish, I added some diced mango and apples to beans from Snow’s BBQ. I think that turned out good. It kind of made the beans more of a sweet dish while still being savory.