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Coffee art link

Flying lawnmower link

Worst driving directions ever link

Cell phone for pets link

OS-tan link

Dragon sculpture that looks at you link

Star Trek communicator that uses Bluetooth to connect to cell phone link

Creative Commons License link

300 Mile club link

New neighbors and their screaming kids link

Jerry Garcia’s autopsy reenactment link

Don’t ask why you are subscribed to a mailing list link

Sort books by color link1 link2

Fish highway link

Crane rescues a crane that tried to rescue a car in a lakelink

Retiree cashes in 1.4M pennies link

Geek tattoo link

Why things taste like chicken link

How to make a hand turkey link

RFC morals link

Spending the day with beer instead of water link

The Saturn Evening Post’s Norman Roswell link

Tokyo’s flood water control link

Turn an Accura NX into a Ferrari link

Clock printed on paper link

internet hunting link

Soviet space battle station link

The history of Kiev’s fortifications link

Practical jokes link

Winamp buyout regrets link

Science textbook disclaimers link

Too much house for a family? link

Citron C4 transformer link

Jet powered Porta Potty link

Dodecahedron calendar link

Landmine detecting plants link

Subservient stickman link

Turduckeneasquail link

Rant on faith versus science link

Colledge football prank link

Army robots are now armed link

Reconstructing text on computer screens from diffusely reflected light link

By the time you read this, it will have been too late link

Christian Right Lobbies To Overturn Second Law Of Thermodynamics link

The Christmas Price Index link


American Robot’s Job Outsourced To Overseas Robot link

A 72-year-old Malaysian man has married this week for the 53rd time link

From Hello Kitty to hello debt link

Credit card shotgun link

How to take down a web site with an email link

Torturing the Sims link

Urballoon is an urban media space: a balloon equipped with a projector and wireless connection to the web that enables people to submit content online and broadcast it in public spaces. link

Titanic Iceberg slide link

ASCII web surfing link

Victimless leather link

Contrail scars over the south east link

Square bacteria link

Printer forensics link

Alasken residents get $919.84 in 2004, $1107.56 in 2003 and $1,963.86 in 2000 from trust fund (plus don’t pay income tax) link

22 Different Ways To Lace Shoes link

Linksys wireless router filled with dirt link

Wrinkle free horse pants link

TV out of warranty sends international distress beacon link

Chainsaw powered motorcycle link

Analog and digital clock link

Stranger moves in, redecorates while woman is on vacation link

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Dog helmets link

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Foxhole radio kit link

Brain on microchip can fly a plane link

How to determine your personality by looking at your code link

IM your house to turn off the lights link

Two different translations of Osama’s speech link

Wallpaper that reacts to sound and glows link

The United States of Texas link

Presidental votes cast in shades of red/blue link1 link2

Jesusland link

Dog calls 911 and saves woman’s life link

Doors disguised as bookshelfs… link

Pocket projector link

Coffee art link