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Another round at Pease Park

Jon putting

We got in another round of golf at Pease Park today. I wonder how long the course will remain open. The city intends to shut this course down due to erosion. Here Jon was throwing while clinging to the side of a cliff.

Art construct

There was also an art construct along the river. At least I think that was what it was.

Tough tee

This hole is rather overgrown with fallen trees. You have to throw downhill through a pretty small window. Very tough.

Construction at Old Settler’s Park

OSP Construction #1
OSP Construction #2

There is some construction going on at Old Settler’s Park. We fortunately played after the fact. But it looks like a pipeline was put in. It runs across holes 3,4,5,6,7, and 8. This is probably a bad sign for us. They are growing the number of sports fields here constantly. And this pipeline is probably in support of some more buildings.

Line of flags

This line of flags is probably not related. Although it does peak my curiosity.

Hole 5

We could have played on hole 5 today. But some idiot parked his car right in the middle of the disc golf field! Just to launch his ultralight flying machine. Sigh.

Disc Golf 02/20/2010

Jon and Mike
Mike kicking new wall

Jon, Mike, and I went down to try out the newly redesigned Circle C course. There are new tee boxes, erosion control, and a small wall for Mike to kick.

Water crossing #1
Water crossing #2

With the recent rains around here, there is now a river which prevented us from crossing. Fortunately, there was a dry way around both of them. Although Mike and Jon did take the direct way on one of them…

More beer

We also stopped by the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium again.

Disc Golf 02/13/2010


Nick and I went to Old Settler’s Park for some disc golf. Which can easily handle rainfall. Initially, I thought the day would be cold but it warmed up quickly and turned out to be beautiful out.

Disc Golf 01/23/2010

Pease park
Jon putting

Pease park is another place that has no drainage. There are some very muddy sections of the course!

Just across the river

I was fortunate in that my throw just barely made it across the river to the other side!

Hole 14
Hole 6

I also birdied holes 6 and 14.

Flying Saucer Draught Emporium

Afterwards, we stopped by the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium to try out the beer. They have an awesome selection! And the food is not that bad either…

Disc Golf 01/17/2010

East Metro #1
East Metro #2

Jon and I went out to East Metro to play disc golf. The recent rains made the place very muddy! This is certainly not a course that can handle soaking rainfall. Many of the paths between holes were stagnant rivers of mud.

Disc Golf 12/19/2009

Stuck disc

We played at Old Settler’s Park today. The ground was not wet enough to be muddy but it was was still damp enough for discs to stick in the ground.

New mandos

With all of the trees being removed, it looks like they moved hole 7 slightly to the right. The new mandos make it much harder…

Christmas signs

And the Christmas signs are back up at the park.

Tiny stream

As well as the tiny river which Chapel’s disc found.

Disc Golf 11/28/2009

New paint

We went to the Rivery for some disc golf today and noticed some great improvements at the course. Since the course was altered a couple of years ago and they didn’t change the baskets around, the baskets have been misnumbered. They repainted the numbers recently.

New tee box

They also fixed up some tee boxes.

Carrying trash

Jon even did his part and carried out a discarded balloon.


Unfortunately, there has been some vandalism. Someone put shit on one of the baskets. Sigh.

Disc Golf 11/14/2009

Hole 1
Hole 5
Hole 7
Hole 8
Hole 5
Hole 7

I went to Wells Branch for some very easy disc golf today. I wanted to scope out a new disc golf course at Stoney Creek Park. But apparently they haven’t started building it yet. Wells Branch was the fallback plan. This course is so short, it is easy to get birdies. And I got 6 of them…

New bridge

There were a couple of changes to the course. A new bridge to nowhere was built. And they removed most of the fence that occasionally trapped our discs when we first started playing disc golf.

Gingerbread Monster Shake
Burning Love Burger

I went to Red Robin’s for lunch and ate the Burning Love Burger (fried jalapeno slices, spicy seasoning, pepper jack cheese, and jalapeno cornmeal kaiser roll) and the Gingerbread Monster Shake. Both were pretty flavorful!