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New Orleans, again

I went to New Orleans again this year. I had a blast! I spent days walking around the French District taking pictures. First, I walked down every street running SW-NE. Then, I walked up every street running NW-SE. This time I was fascinated with stickers. There were a bunch of cool looking stickers placed everywhere. I wonder how many people do that kind of thing: stick arty stickers as graffiti.

On Wednesday, I stopped in Lafayette at Julien’s Po-Boys Cajun Style. I had the Gator Po-Boy. I then drove to New Orleans and stayed in La Quinta. Ugh. It was horrible. The shower’s water pressure was almost unusable. I should have switched rooms. For dinner, I went to K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen and ate pan fried flounder with shrimp Marigny, and a three cheese sausage for an appetizer. It was delicious as usual and, by far my favorite restaurant in New Orleans.

On Thursday, I went to Cafe du Monde for breakfast. Man, I can eat here every morning. And I think I did when they were open (Unfortunately, they close during Christmas). For dinner, I went to The Palace Cafe on Jeff’s suggestion. I had a Lime Daiquiri, Barbecued Shrimp, Grilled Gulf Fish Panzanella (substituted tuna), and White Chocolate Bread Pudding. It was okay.

On Friday, (Christmas eve) I went to Camellia Grill for breakfast. I had the Western Omelette with cheese and orange juice. For lunch, I went to Mother’s Restaurant and had the 2/3rds Famous Ferdi. I am not a fan of these po-boys. But, when in Rome… For dinner, I went to the Gumbo House and had Seafood Gumbo. I like this restaurant. And many other people do since there always seems to be lines here.

On Saturday, I went to Oceana and had the Grilled Mahi-Mahi étouffée. It’s a shame that most everything closes down on Christmas. Stoopid holidays.

On Sunday, I went to the Cafe du Monde for breakfast. For lunch, I went to Johnny’s and had the Crab cake po-boy. For dinner, I went to NOLA Restaurant. I had the Garlic crusted Drum (sauce beurre rouge) and succotash. For desert, I had the Banana pudding layer cake.

On Monday, I went to Mr. B’s Bistro for dinner. I had the soups 1-1-1 (Gumbo Ya Ya, Seafood gumbo, sweet potato and chorizo), Shrimp & grits, and Profiteroles & chocolate sauce.

On Tuesday, I went to Irene’s Cuisine for dinner. This place was crazy busy. I lucked out and was able to walk in and get seated relatively quickly at a tiny table. I had the Winter Caprisee salad, the Soft-shell crab linguine, and the pecan praline bread pudding.

Fun rental car

My car was in the shop and I lucked out in the loaner car department! A new Z4 hard-top convertible. Woo woo! It was a fun car to drive. And, of course, nothing was going to stop me from driving with the top down. Not even the cool weather. I just blasted the seat warmers and the heater to high to compensate… It would be a fun car to own. But the only negative thing to say about it is that the trunk space is minimal to non-existent. I would need to rent a car to go on long trips to carry my luggage.


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