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¿Habla Español?

Spanish ATM screen

Here is some free advice: Memorize the screens of your ATM while you withdraw money. That way, when you accidently select Spanish as your language, you can still get money without starting over.


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That time of the year

registration sticker old
registration sticker new
WINDSHIELD STICKER           $ 49.64
REG FEE-DPS                  $  1.00
CHILD SAFETY FUND            $  1.50
TOTAL                        $ 63.44

Ok, what is the deal with all of these items? Why itemize at all? Its not like you can pick and choose. But, since they have itemized it a little bit (I am sure that windshield sticker is a general fund), I am curious about some of the items. WTF is reflectorization? That is not even a word! I do not want to be reflected. What is the deal with the county roads needing bridges? I say let Darwinism rule for child saftey. Why do I have to pay for automation when my experience was not that automated? Sure, my notice was mailed out but I had to pay by person. If I had wanted to pay by mail, it would be another dollar. And, if I had wanted to pay online, it would be another three dollars! What a rip-off!

I am a winner!

Yesterday, I received this in the mail:

winning notification

They say:

We are holding pre-paid round trip airfair and accommodations for
two to your choice of Las Vegas/Orlando, value $1,250.00, in your
name, plus one of the four guaranteed prizes: A Hummer, Navigator
or Yukon Denali or $40,000 CASH, a $1,500 Shopping Spree, Exotic
Island Adventure, $806 value or $500.00 Cash.

Ok, let’s parse this statement out. Normally a list is item1 comma item2 comma item3 or item4. There are six commas. There are three ors. When items in a list contain commas then they should have used semicolons to separate them. But, they did not. Also notice there are two variations of cash capitalization. So, how can I parse this list?

  • A Hummer
  • Navigator or Yukon Denali or $40,000 CASH
  • a $1,500 Shopping Spree, Exotic Island Adventure, $806 value
  • $500.00 Cash
  • A Hummer, Navigator or Yukon Denali
  • $40,000 CASH
  • a $1,500 Shopping Spree, Exotic Island Adventure, $806 value
  • $500.00 Cash
  • A Hummer
  • Navigator or Yukon Denali
  • $40,000 CASH
  • a $1,500 Shopping Spree, Exotic Island Adventure, $806 value or $500.00 Cash

Or many more combinations. You get the picture.

Its not like this is the first mailing that I have received from these people. I receive them about once every three months. I wonder at what point mailing these cards to me will cost more money they they can make? If they did not mail these cards to people who will never contact them, how much more valuable prizes can they offer to the fools who do buy timeshares from them?


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