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Boobkini (a flesh colored adhesive bikini – might be NSFW) link via

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Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) rewires his brain link1 link2 via

Japanese race with a Ferrari, Lamborghinis, a Porsche, a Honda, a BMW, and a Mercedes on the track link via

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Out at lunch today, I noticed this on a car. We definately need to “Keep Austin Weird!”.

Church of the F.S.M.

Perhaps there is some truth to the above poll…



On my bike ride today, I saw that plane again. It was flying around off in the distance. I was really tempted to go home, get my camera, and try to chase the plane down.

While I was riding down County Road 110 (aka Hutto Road), I saw a huge flock of birds that landed on the road. I was wondering what I would do when I got to them when an oncoming truck got there first and solved that problem. I think that birds have right-of-way. And, plus, if you scare them, you can get pooped on!

Disc Golf 10/28/2006

Interesting plane

We went to Old Settler’s Park for some disc golf today. I noticed that there was a propeller driven plane slowly flying around. I wonder what it was. My neighbor saw it as well and guessed that it was a B-17. I saw it on Sunday also. Too bad I didn’t have my 70-200 lens on hand…


It was the second time playing the “winter course” variant. I like the new holes. But the whole course is not only comprised of new holes. It uses the original holes. Plus, we don’t do 18 holes. So I think we need to come up with a new course. How about teeing off from the previous hole to the next hole’s goal?

die Mauer

die Mauer

We went to Chuy’s for lunch. And while we were there, we played a game of die Mauer. It was a bluffing/guessing game. Everyone simultaneously reveals one of seven pieces. If someone else guesses your piece, they get to build. Otherwise you do. An empty fist will place any piece (however, if more than two empty hands are revealed, then no one builds).


pizza dough

I made pizza from the recipie that I linked to earlier. Seven days ago, I made the dough and put it in my refrigerator. Periodically, I would burp the containers and/or punch the dough back down. So today, I am in the mood to make some pizza. I notice two things: 1) the dough is very loose and relaxed and 2) the aroma is not like a “fine wine” at all. I think that my sourdough culture is rather laid back. Maybe I don’t feed it enough…


Anyways, so I heat up the grill and cook the ingredients. I get the pizza stone up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit. I flour the peel and flour the bottom of the dough. I put the dough on the peel and then put on the ingredients. But when I put it on the grill, I can’t get it off. That dough is loose, loose, loose. So I turn lemons into lemonaide and turn my disaster into a calzone. It turned out pretty good even when I forgot to cut some vents for the steam.

I have one more container of the dough and, tomorrow, I am going to make some bread.

Leaning stop sign

Leaning stop sign

I wonder how long this one is going to remain upright. It was leaning just a little bit recently. But then came the rains and now it is really tipping over.

Disc Golf 10/25/2006

Rainy day disc golf

It was rainy out so it was the perfect opportunity for Old Settler’s Park. Some people don’t like to go out in the rain, but I say “why not?”. Its warm out, its not raining that hard, there is no lightning, I am wearing my bathing suit and my rubber sandles, and its close to my house.

The additional rules are that any new streams or pools of water are not considered out-of-bounds. I am glad that I went. I had fun. And I had some pretty great throws. On hole 1, my second throw (an arcing anheizer fell within a foot of the basket). On hole 11b, my first throw (also an arcing anheizer) fell within three feet of the basket. I also experimented with an new throw by wrapping my arm around the disc so that when it left my hand it would be spinning more than normal. That throw worked perfectly on hole 9. The second throw landed within a couple feet of the basket after the first normal throw hit a nearby tree.

Disc Golf 10/23/2006

Missing hole 13 basket

John and I went to Cat Hollow for some disc golf. I arrived early to photograph this. Unfortunately someone stole the basket for hole 13. All that is left now is a bucket. Which is sad since my throw was like right next to it.

Waffles and chop

Waffle choices

I went to Duke’s BBQ Smokehouse to try out their breakfast tacos. I noticed that they were now offering waffles and I was amused by their choices for accompaniment. I guess that “chop” is chopped beef. But what would “puddin” be? Bread pudding? More likely it would be bananna pudding. “BBQ sauce” is just plain gross.

Afterward I went to the Rivery to photograph this.