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Game Day 06/30/2005

Game #1


Mike stoped in Dragon’s Lair and bought another new game today. We played as the first game of the night. The goal of the game is to score points, either by surrounding every spot around an area with people or by placing the correct number of people to match the uncovered number. You can also gain point by placing people in the windmill area of the game. Adam figured out how to get lots of points by placing seven of his people in one double scoring area and scoring that area twice. I don’t know if this game is good yet. I will need some more playings to finalize my decision.

Game #2


For the next game, we finally played a game by Friedemann Friese that I had owned for a while now. The theme is to survive over four game turns. You are either lucky and you find food or you must fight and kill your opponents to make food or you die. Its as simple as that. We struggled though the rules translation and started playing the game. Early on, Mike was unlucky. He must of smelled good because everyone picked on him. He definately tasted like chicken. In the last turn, I made a critical error and went from first to fourth. Gah! Still, it was an interesting game and I would not mind playing it again.

Game Day 06/28/2005

Game #1


Mike decided to have a Roman themed gaming night in order to celebrate the premiere of ABC’s Empire. He bought some Italian wines, cheeses, and grapes. Tim brought pizza (but not from Little Caesars).

The first game that we started out was not Roman themed but it was light and quick. I have noticed that people who start out with an early lead suffer in this game and then eventually loose. Fortunately, the dice did not hate me and I was able to win!

Game #2

Ave Caesar

Ed suggested this Roman themed game and I jumped at the chance to play. The other table played Rome: Circus Maximus. This is a game of screwing the other players as they race their chariots. If you can time your move correctly and play the right card, you can block everyone else from moving. Or, even worse, force them to take the longer outside track. Unfortunately, I was me who was getting screwed during the game. Sigh… still a fun game.

Game #3

Clash of the Gladiators

To finish off the night, we played this game. It is another light dice fest where you control gladiators as they fight to the death. My gladiators did rather well. There were times when they couldn’t hit the side of the wall, but one team of three survived until the end. They performed well enough for a second place finish.

Game Day 06/23/2005

Game #1

Das Zepter von Zavandor

When Peter suggested that we play this game, I joined in. Unfortunately, this was my second playing of this game and it has been a while since I played it last. Also, Peter and Francesca were new to this game, so we took a long time to play this game. Even I felt like I was taking too long to make my moves. I felt like I made mistakes like forgetting about needing to save up to buy Sentinels and lacking a clear strategy.

So I was surprised at the end when I was able to buy my second Sentinel for all of my money (a couple of dollars over the minimum). I was even more surprised when I piped Adam by one point for the win! I thought that I was playing for third place with Adam and Marty in the game. However, I seem to be a Adam-destroyer and have a perfect winning record. I should quit while I am ahead. 😉

Game #2

Easy Come, Easy Go

While we waited for Adam’s ride home to arrive, we played some quick games of Easy Come, Easy Go. Adam won one and then I won one. During the third game, I needed to stop Adam from winning. So I rolled what would normally take a goal. But Adam didnt have that goal, so I needed to press on and try to take one that he owned. Sadly I failed. Still a light and fun game!

Driveable bomb

Drivable Bomb

I went to Rudy’s for lunch today. On my way out, I saw this propane truck getting gas and thought to myself what a convienient terrorist bomb.

Game Day 06/18/2005

Game #1


Mike bought two new Knizia games yesterday (before me even!!). And we brought them to Tim’s house to play today. This is my first time playing with Tim’s gaming group. He has a lot of games, more than Ed even, and a lot of non-game toys like a Mame arcade game and a projection home theatre system.

Pickomino is a dice game where you are trying to roll a number from 21-36 where at least one of your dice contains a worm. If you make a number that is showing on a dominoe, then you get to keep it. Otherwise, you must give one of your dominoes up and flip over the highest domino (which acts as a count-down clock). It is a light, fun game with a weird theme (roasted worms on a barbecue?).

Its main weakness is that it is a dice game and dice can roll strangely in the short term. In this game, I must have had twelve turns where I could not roll a worm at all!

Game #1a


Game #2

Tower of Babel

For the second game, we played another new Knizia game, the Tower of Babel. This is an majority area control game with some twists. There are eight wonders of the world that we are building. Each wonder has three spots for the resources that it requires (one of 4 types). On your turn, you either pass or try to build a wonder by picking one of the remaining resource chits. The other players will then select some number of cards to play (1 to the number on the chit) and then reveal simultaneously. You may then pick combinations of players that exactly fufill the resource requirement. Players put the number of tokens on the board that match the cards that they played if they were chosen. If they were not chosen and they played the correct resource cards, then they will instead score points based on the number of cards played.

One twist is that the other players may play a “trade” card as part of the cards. You can only chose one of the players who played a trade card. You will place your own tokens for the number of cards that they played and they will get the chit instead of you getting it.

Only the first and second place players score when the wonder is completed. Others score only three points. Another twist is that ties are bad (you score the next lower ranking). As wonders score, the amounts grow larger. At the end of the game, you score points for two or more similiar chits (from one to twenty points which can be quite large).

It was a good game. But the playing of it was runined for me because everyone spent the entire game kibitzing and group thinking. This hurts me because I am a quiet player and I can’t influence what others do. The other players were vocally offering one person advice that would hurt my position in the game. But what I don’t like is that this advice secretly helps those people. They tell person A to hurt person B out loud but, at the same time, they won’t say that it helps person C, D, and E.

Game Day 06/16/2005

Game #1

Easy Come Easy Go

Not everyone showed up on time (must work on that), so we started with this light Knizia dice game. It must have been my night for dice tonight since I won both games.

Game #2


Finally, Ed and Susan showed up from South Oklahoma and we picked Razzia as a short filler game to play until work-a-holic Jon showed up.

Unfortunately, I did not realize that the seating position was critical. Adam was on my right and he kept calling Razzia which nullified my low numbers. And I taught Susan, all to well, the power of calling Razzia rather than drawing another card for someone else to purchase. Sadly, Ed could not find any protection for his boss during this game.

Game #3

In The Shadow Of The Emperor

For the final game of the night, we played in the Shadow of the Emperor. I wanted to try this game out before buying it.

This game has some unique mechanisms to it. The number of cards that you play determines the sex of the child that you receive. With more blues than pink, you get a 15 year old boy. Otherwise you get a girl which you can either marry off to a single man (turns into a 2 power couple) or sell off to the nunnery. Your control tokens also age during the game and die off when they go past 45 years old. Ed made the mistake of moving a 45 year old couple in to compete in my area which I promptly killed off!


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New Whole Foods

Whole Foods #1

William and I went to the new Whole Foods store on 6th street today. It is a nice store with lots of cool things. In the bulk foods section, there are machines where you can grind your own types of peanut butter or flour.

Whole Foods #2

There are also MANY stations where you can get prepared foods. There is a bakery, a chocolate fountain, a cheese station, a soup station, a prepared foods section, sushi, pizza, and many more. They are definately set up for impulse buys and the lunch time crowd.

Whole Foods #3

On the way out, you can take your shopping cart down an escalator. Its a good thing that it is so far away from me. It keeps the temptation at a distance.

Whole Foods #4

On the drive home, I made sure to buckle up my groceries. After all, the way I drive, the bag would have been flung around the vehicle.