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Disc Golf 04/29/2006

Washed out road #1
Washed out road #2
Washed out road #3
Washed out road #4

We went back to the Rivery again. Today, I decided to drive down from Dukes to park underneath IH-35. And, wow, was the road washed out! Fortunately, my pickup truck has some clearance and I was able to navigate it. Georgetown really needs to do something about drainage here! Either fix the road or block it off. I don’t see it lasting much longer if we keep getting heavy rains that causes flash flooding. The third picture was shot from down in the four foot trench that was dug out from running water.


I wanted to practice throwing some discs in the field. But it was damp from dew (and last night’s rain) and was also was overgrown. They really need to mow down here, durn it! But I did notice what looked to be a bat sleeping on the concrete wall in the shade. I got as close as I dared to take a picture and tried not to disturb Mr. Bat.

Lucky putt

This course really needs some work. Almost all of the temporary markings are gone. Only a few small signs are left. And only people who played when it existed in better condition could play here now.

One of John’s putts was really lucky. It balanced right on the edge of the basket.

Vine obstacle

A new class of obstacles is the swinging vine. This managed to block one of John’s throws.

Tree help

And I was really lucky today! One of my putts was slightly over thrown. But it hit the tree behind the basket and bounced into the goal! Score!!!!!!!!

Just in case you think you can do it yourself

Innova discs have this
stamped on them, so I looked it up. And this is what they patent:


A one-piece flying disc formed of a flexible plastic with an annular rim and a central section joined together by an annular shoulder. The rim has a lower edge defining a lower plane of the disc and the central section has an upper zone defining an upper plane of the disc, with the rim having a triangular cross-section with a lower rounded corner forming the lower edge, an outer rounded corner, and an upper corner merging with the shoulder. The outer corner of the rim is located between the upper and lower planes, and the shoulder decreases in thickness from the rim to the central section.


1. A circular flying disc comprising:

an annular rim and a central section joined together by an annular shoulder, and formed in a single piece of flexible plastic,

said rim having a lower edge defining a lower plane of said disc, and said central section having an upper zone defining an upper plane of said disc,

said rim having a substantially equilateral triangular cross-section with a lower rounded corner forming said lower edge, an outer rounded corner, and an upper corner merging with said shoulder, with said outer corner located between said upper and lower planes,

said shoulder decreasing in thickness from said rim to said central section, with the thickness of said shoulder at said rim in the order of twice the thickness of said central section, and with the outer surface of said disc from said rim outer corner to said central section having a continuous smooth curved lifting surface, and

the upper surface of said central section being substantially flat when the disc is stationery, with said central section being sufficiently thin and flexible to dome upwards when in flight.

What was interesting was that it was filed on October 27, 1983. Almost twenty four years ago! This thing should be expired by now (actually by 2000).


Disc Golf 04/28/2006


Played with John at Old Settlers as usual. The winds were pretty fierce although not as bad as before. We ended early at hole 16 since there were rain clouds above us. And I thought there might be hail around. Although when I got home, nothing was on the radar. Sigh… It got here around 3am in the next morning.

Game Day 04/27/2006

Game #1

Bunte Runde

For our first game of the evening, John brought out a newish Knizia game that was unknown to me. It is part of his games for children series. But it is playable for adults as well. There is a circle of wooden pieces that have two arributes. The first is shape and the second is color. And there is a bunch of plastic tokens in the middle that are victory chips. On your turn, you can move the marker up to three spaces and take the piece it lands on. If the piece is that last of a shape or color then it is scored. All players who have one of the attribute get a plastic chip. When the plastic chips are gone, the game is over. And that is it: simple, quick, and has some meat to it. I like it! We played with the variant that your final score adds the score of the player to your left. This gives you an incentive to get that person to finish something that you can score as well.

Game #2

Thurn und Taxis

This is my second playing of this game and luck was on my side. Although Marty told us of three things that we got wrong in our first playing (one of the was: when you have no cards, you must draw two). I was always able to draw the card I wanted. I only flushed the cards a couple of times but I had more cards in my route in my hand so it wasn’t critical that I flop a card that I needed. Towards the end, I was considering how to draw cards or flush cards that Mike (who was sitting on my left) was needing… Playing for screwage in the end.

dice roll

Mike wanted to steal my seat! The audacity!! He picked up my Sicherman dice and rolled the dice with the big numbers on it and gave me the dice with the small numbers on it to roll. Sadly for him, he rolled a 3. I had one number that could beat him, two that would tie, and 3 that would loose. The odds were not bad for me… and I rolled the 4!! Hehehe… not like I would have given up my seat or anything… but it was an amusing break.

Game #3a
Game #3b

Turbo Taxi

After that, we played another new game from my Adam Spielt order called Turbo Taxi. This is a remake of Friese’s game called Flickwerk. It is a simultaneous puzzle solving game in where you try and connect a network. This network must have only two exits off of the board to the houses. The other requirement is that the cars (or taxis) must be able to drive on the road to the house of the matching color. I think that I like the theme of the old game better where it is a circuit board.

Mike needed help in the first round. He called out done and then John and Jon would stop what they were doing and check the winning conditions. They would point out some failure to Mike. Which Mike would then fix and call “done” again immediately. This went on until Mike was able to finally satisfy the winning conditions. Flawed!! I just ignored them and tried to solve it myself (unassisted).

Game #4


Mike once again made a random wish and this time It took a bomb out of my hand. He did call GrandTichu on 35JQQKAP, so I will cut him a little slack there. If the Tichu caller is worried about a potential bomb, can you correctly hurt your partner? I think that getting a bomb out of the opposing team is better than the benefit of leaving your partner with a potential bomb to stop the lead of the other team.

So, my question is: in the above picture of a Tichu hand, what cards would you pass and why?

The scorecard for a game of Tichu

GT or T bet made or lost

This team scored more points than the other or one twoed

GT/T Team #1 GT/T GT/T Team #2 GT/T
MarkH & MikeA Jon & JohnG
  0   T+ 300  
  210 GT+  
  510 T+   390  
  630 T+  
  630   T+ 770  
  630     970  
T- 560    
Game #5


This next game will go down in the annals of time, filed under how to loose a game when you are 690 points ahead and need 205 to win. I blame Mike, really. This is the disc-golf Tomahawk equivalent play in Tichu.

The opposing team is really far behind and clearly needs to start calling GrandTichus. We just need to coast to victory and set them occasionally. As you can see from the score card, the Jo[h]ns call GrandTichu seven times in a row and are successful 71% of the time. Which gives them 600 points. They still need 295 points from point cards before we can get 205 points from point cards. And this leaves us with the deciding factor. We need to over-call Tichu and be set… twice! Yes, the other team only has partial information. But they can make up for it a little bit since the non-caller will pass their best card. Draw backs are getting the dog and Mah Jong action against you.

I will give Mike some credit. In the picture above, he had to over-call Tichu. But, did he have to make the same mistake twice??? Tichu is a game where even though you have powerful cards, you are not guaranteed to go out first. When you loose the lead, the other team can play card combinations where you (and your partner) do not have an in to take back the lead.

By the way, for Mike’s first hand, he had dog9TTJQQD and considered calling GrandTichu but did not. He picked up 778JAA and called Tichu and made it. P.S.: If you would have called GrandTichu, it would have been another instance where we would have won…

The scorecard for a game of Tichu

GT or T bet made or lost

This team scored more points than the other or one twoed

GT/T Team #1 GT/T GT/T Team #2 GT/T
MarkH & MikeA Jon & JohnG
  300 T+   0  
T-   35  
  665 GT+   35  
T+ 795    
  830   GT+
  840   GT-
T-   490 GT+
  840   GT+
  GT- 580  
T-   780 GT+
  935   GT+

Lunch Time Tichuers 04/25/2006

Luckily, Mike was not on my team and wished a bomb out of Adam’s hand which caused him not to call Tichu. I am hoping that he will grow out of the random wish phase.

Our team was not getting many points at all from the cards. After five hands, we only had 95 of the 500 points (19%). And after nine hands, we had 200 of the 900 points (22%). What saved us was that we were able to set both Adam and Mike’s Tichu calls which caused them to break even in Tichu points.

For Mike’s desperation Grand Tichu call, he had 23468PDX. Ed had three Aces and I had one. Which was sad given the fact that he also had the MahJong and couldn’t pass it to me (since I would wish for an Ace out of Ed’s hand). And even with all of the Aces, Mike still went out! Flawed!!

The scorecard for a game of Tichu

GT or T bet made or lost

This team scored more points than the other or one twoed

GT/T Team #1 GT/T GT/T Team #2 GT/T
Ed & Mark Adam & Mike
GT+ 235    
T+ 395    
  595   T- 405  
  595     705 T+
  800 T+  
    935 GT+

Disc Golf 04/22/2006


For today’s disc golf, Jon, John, and myself took a road trip down to Twin Parks country club which is located in Dripping Springs (south of Austin). It was surprisingly close and we arrived pretty early in the morning (8:05). The gate required a code for entry and noone answered the phone to let us in.


So we looked around at the scenery and spotted a couple goals for disc golf. After waiting a couple of minutes, we decided to head off for breakfast.

Cactus taco

We found a packed gas station and headed in. In the back was a grill and a bunch of people ordering breakfast tacos. We had hit the jackpot! I ordered one potato and chorizo taco and one cactus and egg taco. Jon stayed away from it since it was green and a vegetable (or is it a fruit?). It was good and filling.

back at gate

We arrived back at 9am and this time someone did answer the phone and told us the combo (a surprisingly easy one to guess after the fact). So we headed in. We stayed on the road which wound up a hill and arrived at a house. We figured that it was not where we were supposed to go. So we entered the inner gate instead and found the club house.


The clubhouse was pretty nice and spacious. They had a lot of couches and tables to rest at. And upstairs, they had a pool table and even three rooms that could be rented out. After we signed a waiver, we asked about the courses and were told to start at the upper one since it was hillier.

top of the hill

Each hole had a concrete pad to throw from that was “pointed” in the general direction of the hole. Also, each hole usually had a choice of three levels of difficulty (Champion, Pro, and Ace). The distances are some times drastic. For example, the champion would be 753, the pro would be 606, and the ace would be 354 feet. We decided to only play on the Champion tees (because we are).

Close shots

One time, we were pretty close together in our throws.


The course had mostly tree obsticles but there was one small lake.

john in lake

Which John managed to find. Fortunately, it was retreivable…

Jon in tree

I managed to lose a disc in a tree and needed to invoke Jon’s superhuman tree-climing powers.


The land was around 110 acres. And, besides disc golf, there was mountain biking and paintball on the premises (and sometimes even a wedding). Apparently, the owner has an Ag-exemption because there is a herd of Elk that grazes on the land. And they were spotted on the disc golf course. We humans did not scare them off. So, John just decided to throw the disc. And he almost hit one!


There were gullies around, but, sadly, we did not throw off the edge of one to the other side.

lower course

After a break, we played the lower course. And this one was different than the previous one. It was all on flat, grassy land with fewer, larger trees.

lighted goals

The goals even had night-time lighting where solar panels recharged batteries. And there was malibou lighting for the tees as well.

tree blockage

The trees were sometimes used to great advantage. They provided the bounds of where discs could be thrown.

tree catchage

We did have one hiccup. Jon had thrown his disc and lost it. I had seen the disc go off course at the end. So, we searched around for it and did not see it. There was a grain feeder that had a ladder running up it. I climbed up there and looked around on the ground and did not see anything. We almost gave up when Jon finally spotted it up in a tree. Not five feet from where I was looking for it…

new course

We headed back home and decided that, since we were down south, we should check out some new disc golf courses that we would never go to. After searching for a while, we found one course on Slaughter lane. It is called Circle C Ranch Metropolitan Park. Soccer teams we out playing in the park and parking spots were few and far between. So we stopped at the first open spot along the road that had a sign pointing to the disc golf course. It was not well marked but we eventually found the tee for hole one. We threw a couple of times and wondered if we could find the goal. But we eventually found it.

sponsored by

It seems that these holes are sponsored by different groups. Watch out for the Cursed Ronin! Don’t mess with that hole!

Even though my mind was willing, my body was tiring out. At hole five, I threw my disc and it veered off to the left. So, I took a penalty and threw again. But this time it veered off to the right! Argh! I gave up. And when we reached the goal, so did John and Jon.

Here are some higher-res pictures of the club house:



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Action Shots

Well, I tried taking action shots today. Next time I will throw into the sun and get John to frame the picture better. But the good thing about digital cameras is that memory is reusable.