Monthly Archives: July 2004


Saddam plays rock, paper, and sissors link

Wacky Japanese Ice cream link

Lego animated Spiderman link

Someone wants to visit every company owned Starbucks link

How do you score on the Jung-Myers-Briggs test? link

Another personality test link

DMCA stops competing companies from servicing tape drives link

Space 1999 Models link

Instant comic book collection link

Dog toy or marital aid? link

Plausable copyright violations link

Amusing political flash ad link

Your web site is patented link

Gay marriage == Box Turtles link

Voronezh Scientists Turn Blood into Coffee, Milk, Chocolate link

Hyperion Records Loses Legal Battle with Musicologist Over Copyright for 300-Year-Old Works link

Rotational movement printer link

Sign up for the world’s longest email address link

Bottle cap tripod mount link

New killer drone unveiled link

Produce giant Dole is introducing a new Japanese service that will allow cameraphone users to track the history of their fruits and vegetables by scanning a special “QR” barcode link

The Japanese turn flowers into speakers link

Jews Evaded Nazis by Living in Cave for Nearly 2 Years link

NASA releases new Apollo 11 pictures link

Army food designed to be rehydrated with urine link

Self contained book printing on demand link

Biological reason why women see crimson, vermilion and tomato but men see red link

One tree can grow many different types of fruits? link

Olympian excess link

Why Japan drives on the left link

Dinner with Bill Gates link

Firefighters fight a manure fire with more manure link

English as she is spoke link

Audi ad inspired by Escher link

Soldier wounded? No problem. Just fire off a missile in their direction from a circling drone that contains medical supplies. link

Treating someone’s corneas as mirrors to see what they are looking at link



Went to Freebirds for lunch today. It was ok. Can someone please tell me the difference between Freebirds, Moe’s and Chipotle? They all offer burritos. And yet people swear by one or the other as “the best.”