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European Vacation

I haven been wanting to attend Essen — the board gaming convention Mecca. And I finally found someone willing to go with me. Since the flight is so long, I decided to visit another city and settled on Amsterdam. Marty, my traveling companion, was able to get work to pay for him to visit London afterward and I crashed at his hotel for an extra 10 pounds a night. You cannot beat that price for downtown London!

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Disc Golf 10/11/2008


Today’s weather for disc golf was beautiful: warm, not windy, and no strong sun. And yet, the sky looked like a cold, winter day. It was overcast out there.

Hole 5

I did pretty well today. I had a birdie on hole 5. And was ahead for most of the day. Until the last hole, 18. Which gave me worse than a snowman.

Disc Golf 10/04/2008

Ramirez party

Jon and I had wanted to play disc golf today at Old Settler’s Park. But it was not meant to be. Apparently, they were holding a huge track and field event. School buses were everywhere. We decided to play elsewhere. Like at the Rivery in Georgetown. And it seems that it was a good thing that we arrived somewhat early. It seems that the Ramirez family was holding a party. (Afterwards, we come back to our cars to find that the parking spots were overwhelmed by people attending this reunion). And, while we were playing, we also realized that Cat Hollow would not have been a good place to play because of the Hairy Man Festival going on there!

Hole 1

Hole 1 was an easy birdie.


I looks like someone is trying to make a maker for hole 6? But it looks more like a 5 to me.

Cool Chair

And it looks like someone left a cool art chair on the course around hole 8. It was covered in many decorations like fur, rocks, shells, and tiny statues.