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Disc Golf 11/28/2009

New paint

We went to the Rivery for some disc golf today and noticed some great improvements at the course. Since the course was altered a couple of years ago and they didn’t change the baskets around, the baskets have been misnumbered. They repainted the numbers recently.

New tee box

They also fixed up some tee boxes.

Carrying trash

Jon even did his part and carried out a discarded balloon.


Unfortunately, there has been some vandalism. Someone put shit on one of the baskets. Sigh.


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Disc Golf 11/14/2009

Hole 1
Hole 5
Hole 7
Hole 8
Hole 5
Hole 7

I went to Wells Branch for some very easy disc golf today. I wanted to scope out a new disc golf course at Stoney Creek Park. But apparently they haven’t started building it yet. Wells Branch was the fallback plan. This course is so short, it is easy to get birdies. And I got 6 of them…

New bridge

There were a couple of changes to the course. A new bridge to nowhere was built. And they removed most of the fence that occasionally trapped our discs when we first started playing disc golf.

Gingerbread Monster Shake
Burning Love Burger

I went to Red Robin’s for lunch and ate the Burning Love Burger (fried jalapeno slices, spicy seasoning, pepper jack cheese, and jalapeno cornmeal kaiser roll) and the Gingerbread Monster Shake. Both were pretty flavorful!

Tree removal / Ventanas

Tree removal #1
Tree removal #2

I went to Ventanas for lunch today. But first I paused for a bit to watch the removal of a bunch of Italian Cypress trees. Around half of them died this year. So the solution it seems is to remove all of them. One of the things that I hate about our site’s policy is that they never replant trees. So sad. And so environmentally unfriendly…

French Onion soup
Eggplant dish
Apple tart

I had the French Onion soup, an eggplant dish, and an apple tart. All of them were very tasty!

Cheap and varied vegetarian lunches

Indian MREs

Lately, I have been using Indian side dishes, packed in foil pouches, and stored in the pantry to compliment mixed frozen vegetables. Each of those boxes cost 2 dollars for 2 servings. And the Indian grocery store/restaurant that I go to, Teji’s, has a selection of more than twenty of them.

At H.E.B., I buy bags of four frozen vegetables for around a dollar a piece: green peas, sweet corn, crinkle cut carrots, and broccoli & cauliflower. I can get 7 or 8 servings from them.

$12.50 for 8 meals is pretty darn cheap. There are 143 calories from the vegetables and an average of 145 calories from the side dish (a low of 80 to a high of 208).

Bacon, guacamole, and tomato sandwich

BGT sandwich

Sigh. I forgot the lettuce at the store. But I wasn’t going to let that stop me from using the bacon in a sandwich.

I didn’t spend much time futzing around with the picture. But, looking at it afterwards, I know that I could have done better. The top of the bacon could have used a low angle, oblique flash to bring out the 3D texture.

Two swings, two misses. But at least the sandwich still tasted good…



It’s time for the yearly German celebration around October. And, because there was a lot of German immigrants in Central Texas, there are some good places to go to. Unfortunately, I went alone this year. But I was still in a mood to go. Even after having gone recently to the Oktoberfest in Lantana.

New Braunfels Smokehouse

I also wanted to stop by the New Braunfels Smokehouse. My eyes were certainly bigger than my stomach. I bought five pounds of peppered bacon, two and a half pounds of smoked boneless ham, and a half a pound of smoked cheddar cheese. When I got home, I immediately cut the bacon into three sections, wrapped two of them and put them into the freezer.