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The Omni driver made the news

On Wednesday, I indirectly made the news, although I did not find out about it until someone mentioned it on Friday. IBM filed this. You can read about it here.

Briefly, IBM asserts that SCO violated its copyright by copying the following IBM code:

title files lines of code
Enterprise Volume Management System 328 298,943
Enterprise Class Event Logging 7 2,048
Dynamic Probes 8 2,411
Linux Support Power PC64 55 19,042
Omni Print Driver 1,202 366,407
Journaled File System 39 9,914
Next Generation Posix Threading 5 1,851
Linux Kernel Support for JFS 2 4,302
Linux Kernel S390 Support 72 57,670
Linux Kernel Support for Service Processor 5 2,554
Linux Kernel Support for Memory Expansion Technology 1 2,277
Linux Kernel Support for IBM eServer iSeries Devices 2 7,455
Linux Kernel Support for PCI Hotplug 1 1,122
Linux Kernel Support for pSeries Hypervisor Terminal 1 364
Linux Kernel PPC64 Support 8 4,412
Linux Kernel Support for Mwave Modem 4 2,523


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ATM runs Windows

I went to get cash at the ATM tonight and discovered this welcoming screen. It looks like it runs Windows. I remember the good ole days when ATMs used to run OS/2.


Sharon Shinn and Barbara Hambly!


I went to Armadillocon today to get my books signed by Sharon Shinn. This was my first book signing, so I was a little unsure of the process. Mrs. Shinn was very nice and she did not mind singing six books for me. Later in the day, I went to a reading by her of a short story. It was very cool, and I enjoyed going.

Barbara Hambly and Elisabeth Moon where there as well. Too bad I did not plan better and bring my books of theirs for them to sign. Oh well… next year!


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Americans destroy a nice morning

Every Monday and Wednesday, I go to a chiropracter at 8:30 am. I usually arrive around 8:25, park my truck, and enter the building. This morning was different. The door was locked. They must be in a meeting that was running late. So, I decide to wait out side for them to unlock the door. While I was waiting, I notice that there are four other patients waiting outside as well. However, they are all sitting inside of their cars while they were waiting. Unfortunately, every engine was running.

The temperature was not oppresive so they did not need to run their air conditioners. Listening to the radio for a couple of minutes does not drain the battery. The problem was that there was no breeze. So, as I was waiting, I could hardly breathe. It was like standing at a major intersection at a red light. Why did everyone feel the need to waste gas while they wait???

Local game store tells customer “Screw You!”

Last week, I listened to my friend, Dan, talk about his problems with Thor’s Hammer. He was interested in buying Pirates of the Spanish Main. He would stop by the store and ask them if they had PotSM in stock. The clerk would reply “No. Try back in a couple of weeks.” He did this a couple of times and the answer would always be the same. Well, finally, last week he went to the game store and the answer was different. The clerk told him that they had got the game a couple of days ago and it was sold out! The employee did not make the connection that a customer asking about a product would be interested in buying it and they should offer to hold it for them. That would make the customer feel special and generate future business.

Well my turn came next!

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Home Invader

Home Invader

I woke up this morning and was greeted by a lizzard. I am used to spiders roaming around inside my house and I don’t mind their presence. They are on the top of the insect food chain. If they are alive then other insects are dead.

But, this is the first time that I have seen a lizzard insiide. Is there some gaping hole in my house that I am not aware of? Scenes of Free Willy are now running through my head. I am going to have to institute a trap and release program.