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Austin Photowalk

paparazzi shoot

I went to the downtown Austin gathering of the world wide photowalk. But I was rather disappointed in it. The leader said a few words and then everyone went their own separate way. I could go downtown anytime to take some photos. And this is how it felt. I decided to take my 45mm tilt-shift lens with me.

But before we wandered off, someone got a group of people together to simulate paparazzi.

fountain #1
fountain #2

The lens is a manually focused and is hard to get 100% sure that focus is exactly where you want it. I tried using the video screen with limited success. It was usually a little bit off.

oak tree

I only used the tilting feature of the focus plane. It has an interesting effect in directing the eye.


I didn’t go for the miniature effect either.

horse and buggy

This cab driver was rather fond of her horse. And did not mind posing for photos.


I would have liked the moon to be a bit more over to the right. And for it to be within the focus plane.

street crowds

Another picture just a little bit off. Hopefully, I wasn’t too intimidating on the street.


I liked this one.

frosty transformer

And this one as well. I didn’t notice how the Frost Bank building looks like a transformer.

Capitol Panorama

Austin Capitol Panorama

The capitol complex has a lot of visitors. Rather than waiting a really long time for people to clear from an individual frame, taking the shot, moving the camera, and then waiting some more, I decided to try a Photoshop technique. Which consists of taking a lot of pictures of the same frame. And then using an averaging algorithm on the series of pictures. It’s called “tourist removal.” Unfortunately, it was not perfect. The median value left visible artifacts. I had to take a more manual approach.

But that was not my biggest problem of the day. Oh, no. Instead of using a manual setting for the aperture, shutter, and ISO, I used the aperture priority mode. This caused color issues when stitched together. When Photoshop stitched the pictures and tried to automatically average the colors, something dramatic happened to the marble stonework. It gave the stone vitiligo. So sad.