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Florida trip

Prius rental

I went to South Florida again to visit the family, the beach, and some Cuban restaurants. This time I tried out the Prius as a rental car. It was okay car to drive.

Me and the Aunties

While I stayed at my Aunt Jill’s house, I was able to visit with my other Aunt, Beth. Here I am with both of my Aunties.

Me and Sean C

I also saw some of my friends who still live here: Sean Conner and Bunny.

Me and Sean W

And another Sean. Williams, that is. It was good to see them again. If only briefly…

Me an mom
Heather and Jill

We went to the Sundy House in Delray Beach for brunch. I’ve never been there before and it was nice. The location is pretty. There is an indoor garden, well more of a tropical forest. We also had fun taking pictures. I wish I had more spontaneous pictures like these… The first is my mom and I and the second is my cousin Heather and her mother, Jill.

Here is a video of the Lake Worth beach (here).

And a video of the Boynton Beach Inlet.


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Pineapple agua fresca

Given how easy it is to make my lemon-lime aid, I thought I would see if I could replicate another favorite drink of mine: the agua fresca at La Selva Mexican Ice Cream store.

I took some pineapple chunks and blended it in water until smooth. The result was really thick and cloudy. Not at all smooth and clear. Straining it off helped out a little. But I think that I need a gravy strainer for this. Or maybe a siphon.

I also made some caramelized simple syrup to sweeten it with. I really have to come up with an easier way to make this. Basically, you take a cup of sugar and put it in a pan. Dry. And heat it up until it turns light brown. Take it off the heat and pour in a cup of water. The problem is that the browned sugar is 340 degrees and solidifies when the water is poured in. You have to mix it around until the candy sugar melts. Which takes a long time and a lot of work. I think it would be easier to just use dark brown sugar in a cup of water and boil it a little bit to break down the sugar.

I do like the effect that the two speedlites had on the picture. It really darkened down the foreground and background.

Texas sized cicadas

Texas Cicada

It was really hard to take this photo. It was too dark for the automatic focusing to work. So I had to shine a flashlight in one hand to help with focusing. Then the mosquitoes were eating me alive. I gave up after the tenth bite.

I also tried recording the buzzing of the cicadas. I think I need a wind sock on the audio recorder. Because, while it didn’t seem windy when I was standing out there, there were definite wind spikes.

Tropical Storm Hermine

Tropical Storm Hermine

I missed an opportunity to take some pictures of flash flooding. According to KVUE, Georgetown received 14.57 inches over two days! Sadly, the weatherman talked about how this was a 500 year rain event, but then did not blog about it.

The changing light of sunset


When I just happened to glance outside, I noticed an unusual and strong color tint. So I immediately jumped out of my chair and ran to my camera. By that time, the color started to fade. It is amazing how ephemeral these occurrences are.

I also tried taking a picture after grabbing a color-neutral filter and taking a white-balance setting frame. But the result was rather bland after the light skew was subtracted from the picture..

Deep In The Heart Of Texas, again

The first time I tried to take a panorama of this, I hand-held the camera and just winged it by trying to keep the same point of rotation. This time, I used a panoramic tripod. But there is still problems with the low angle of view. I think I need to get it about twenty feet into the air for a better viewpoint.

Austin Bumb Fuck

Later, when I was processing this panorama, I noticed the following tag. Sigh. People make me sad sometimes.

Austin Skyline

I took a High Definition Range panorama of the Austin Skyline today at Disch Field. And learned some things. I set aperture priority. Which was a mistake. The exposure settings changed slightly on every picture. Which caused color problems. Fortunately, Photoshop was up to the task of correcting the pictures to a common white balance.

It also took a while to wait while people left the individual frames of pictures.