Florida trip

Prius rental

I went to South Florida again to visit the family, the beach, and some Cuban restaurants. This time I tried out the Prius as a rental car. It was okay car to drive.

Me and the Aunties

While I stayed at my Aunt Jill’s house, I was able to visit with my other Aunt, Beth. Here I am with both of my Aunties.

Me and Sean C

I also saw some of my friends who still live here: Sean Conner and Bunny.

Me and Sean W

And another Sean. Williams, that is. It was good to see them again. If only briefly…

Me an mom
Heather and Jill

We went to the Sundy House in Delray Beach for brunch. I’ve never been there before and it was nice. The location is pretty. There is an indoor garden, well more of a tropical forest. We also had fun taking pictures. I wish I had more spontaneous pictures like these… The first is my mom and I and the second is my cousin Heather and her mother, Jill.

Here is a video of the Lake Worth beach (here).

And a video of the Boynton Beach Inlet.