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Circular tree

circular tree

That is what the camera sensor sees after cropping. With a 72mm front side and a 13mm rear side, you get some extreme distortion. Too bad I can’t find a fish-eye to rectilinear converter that actually works correctly.

1st photo merge

my backyard

It’s getting pretty dark out and I have busy making a pizza, but I had to take a picture. I thought it would be a good opportunity to take a HDR photo. I used a tripod, the 16-35 lens, high speed mode, and set it to take a sequence of 5 photos at the following exposure compensations (-2, -1, 0, +1, +2). The only problem was a light wind gently moving some of the branches.

The almost full moon is rising above the clouds. Don’t forget about the lunar eclipse, this Tuesday morning starting at 3:51 am. I wonder if I should wake up for it. I still haven’t found a great spot to take pictures…

f/1.4 on f/1.2 action

Canon 85mm f/1.2 lens

This is a picture of the 85mm f/1.2 lens against the mirror. I took it with my 50mm f/1.4 lens. With a f/1.4 bokeh, there were three levels of focus points. I choose the middle one which was the back of the 85mm lens.


Corroded thermometer

I have been in the habit of leaving a B-B-Q surface thermometer on the grill at all times. I haven’t been grilling anything lately. Instead, I have been using the grill as an oven that can get a pizza stone up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit. I looks like the poor thing couldn’t stand the heat. How does that old saying go? Well, into the trash with you!

St. John Vianney Catholic Church

Before I gave the Canon TS-E 24/3.5L lens up, I had to take a couple more pictures. But there are not many large structures around here. This church is plenty large. Far larger than it needs to be. It was built for sunsets. That cross must inspire fear and terror, errr, devotion, in the parishioners.

And this water tower is large and frightening. That Dragon also inspires fear and terror, errr, athletic pride in its citizens.

My House redux

Home sweet home #2

I bought a Lensbaby as well and experimented with it. It is a real manual lens that uses a rubber bellows to achieve focus. You push or pull on it and twist it around to get a picture that you like. With the end result being a part of the picture that is in focus and the rest out of focus. It highlights and draws attention to a part of the picture.

Roads and Boats

I also experimented taking a picture of the Roads and Boats box cover. And, on a whim, submitted it to the geek. I was not surprised at all when it was rejected for being “too blurry”. That is the whole point, people! It was also “irrelevant to the subject”. Huh?

I do want to take it to Ed’s some game day. I want to get a picture of Susan performing an act of goose-thieving! Then that picture would represent what was going on in my head when I was full of rage. Gooooooooooooooose thiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeefffffffffffffffffffffffff! Hehehe…

My House

Home sweet home

Experimenting with a pinhole camera “lens”. Being a hardware/computer/camera nerd, it would be neat if they made a more sophisticated version that tells the camera the actual aperature. Not like it matters, but still… The dust on this picture is scaring me!

Murphy’s law

dead battery

My battery died today. I don’t seem to have a good experience with batteries. They don’t seem to last a long time. Two to three years at most. Well, at least it died today. It would have been much worse if I started the truck tomorrow and it would have died.

Lunch time!

Lunch time

You know you are in the country when a truck drives past you, enters into a pasture, starts wildly beeping its horn (and cows start stampeding towards it), drives up to a tractor tire laying on the ground, and remotely dumps feed into it…