Americans destroy a nice morning

Every Monday and Wednesday, I go to a chiropracter at 8:30 am. I usually arrive around 8:25, park my truck, and enter the building. This morning was different. The door was locked. They must be in a meeting that was running late. So, I decide to wait out side for them to unlock the door. While I was waiting, I notice that there are four other patients waiting outside as well. However, they are all sitting inside of their cars while they were waiting. Unfortunately, every engine was running.

The temperature was not oppresive so they did not need to run their air conditioners. Listening to the radio for a couple of minutes does not drain the battery. The problem was that there was no breeze. So, as I was waiting, I could hardly breathe. It was like standing at a major intersection at a red light. Why did everyone feel the need to waste gas while they wait???