pizza dough

I made pizza from the recipie that I linked to earlier. Seven days ago, I made the dough and put it in my refrigerator. Periodically, I would burp the containers and/or punch the dough back down. So today, I am in the mood to make some pizza. I notice two things: 1) the dough is very loose and relaxed and 2) the aroma is not like a “fine wine” at all. I think that my sourdough culture is rather laid back. Maybe I don’t feed it enough…


Anyways, so I heat up the grill and cook the ingredients. I get the pizza stone up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit. I flour the peel and flour the bottom of the dough. I put the dough on the peel and then put on the ingredients. But when I put it on the grill, I can’t get it off. That dough is loose, loose, loose. So I turn lemons into lemonaide and turn my disaster into a calzone. It turned out pretty good even when I forgot to cut some vents for the steam.

I have one more container of the dough and, tomorrow, I am going to make some bread.