Disc Golf 10/25/2006

Rainy day disc golf

It was rainy out so it was the perfect opportunity for Old Settler’s Park. Some people don’t like to go out in the rain, but I say “why not?”. Its warm out, its not raining that hard, there is no lightning, I am wearing my bathing suit and my rubber sandles, and its close to my house.

The additional rules are that any new streams or pools of water are not considered out-of-bounds. I am glad that I went. I had fun. And I had some pretty great throws. On hole 1, my second throw (an arcing anheizer fell within a foot of the basket). On hole 11b, my first throw (also an arcing anheizer) fell within three feet of the basket. I also experimented with an new throw by wrapping my arm around the disc so that when it left my hand it would be spinning more than normal. That throw worked perfectly on hole 9. The second throw landed within a couple feet of the basket after the first normal throw hit a nearby tree.