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Bridge 04/22/08

A Tichu hand in a bridge game
record keeping

We had another session of bridge tonight. And it was quite boring. Wayne played 5 hands. Nick played one hand. Stephanie played two. And I played one hand. Well, I would have played another hand if I would have remembered the “Rule of Twenty.”

I definitely like Tichu much better than bridge. You are more involved. You don’t have to sit out on hands. And good hands don’t necessarily mean good cards. For example, my hand could make Tichu if the opposing team had got down in cards and I was able to play a single 8 (then bomb, play a jack high straight and then the 4).

Out of curiosity, how should I keep and present the bridge score?

Bridge 04/15/2008

Bridge lesson

Nick, Wayne and I played bridge. Well, at least practiced somewhat. Nick was kind enough to give me a placemat that had a bidding convention on it. But that convention is different than what Nick uses.

What I would like to see is for Nick to create a Finite State Machine that gives all possible outcomes of the system. That would appeal to my inner nerd.