Monthly Archives: August 2004


On a local gaming mailing list, some is running a game where people submit answers in three catagories. They are allowed a certian number of guesses for each catogory. They score points only if their answer matches with someone else. They will get 1 point for each person (including themselves) that gives the same answer.

So, this week one of the catagories is inventors. What was amusing was that someone actually submitted my name!

Cat 3:  Inventors.
Brad showed his prowess here, edging out William by a point thanks to
George Washington Carver instead of Marconi.  I almost put down Marconi
myself, but there are so many inventors to choose from.  Of course, we
have our own inventor in our midst as shown by the Mark Hamzy answer!


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When I looked at my porch outside at around 8:30 tonight, I noticed a really subdued pink lighting. That intrigued me, so I grabbed my camera and went outside. I took this photo:


Unfortunately, the real life image was a thousand times better. It really shows my camera’s age. I need a new camera!

P.S. Last night was “Once in a blue moon”