Hello Kitty headlights link via

50 foot long Viking ship made from 15 million popsicle sticks link via

Urine powered battery link via

“Nobody knows how this place is run,” says Rep. Bernie Sanders. “If they did, they’d go nuts.” link via

Porn will be our gift to the next civilization link1 and porn is also made with radioactive material link2 via

Cube of toothpicks link via

“I doubt whether the agony an irradiated soldier goes through in the process of dying is any worse than that produced by having your body charred to a crisp by napalm, your guts being ripped apart by shrapnel, your lungs blown in by concussion weapons, and all those other sweet things that happen when conventional weapons … are used.” After assessing every aspect and implication of his concept, he reached his modest conclusion: “The neutron bomb has to be the most moral weapon ever invented.” link via

How small bookstores can compete with retail giants link via

E-mail Erosion is an installation that automatically creates sculptures, using spam and e-mail as data to trigger the sculpting process link via

Warning icons link via

Formula one steering wheel has more buttons than Nintendo link via

Flying Spaghetti Monster link via

A color portrait of the English language link via

Visiball glasses are equipped with a specially designed lens that blocks out the majority of the foliage and grass from your field of view when you are looking for your lost golf ball link via

The 3-D alphabet link via