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Game Day 05/11/2005

Kill Dog

Matt decided that the Meta game would be a game of Kill Dog. So we played one practice game. Not a bad game. No one got in the mood and acted like a criminal. The game would be better with real money and plastic squirt guns filled with water.

Game #2


Yay! Another game of Tichu! Sadly, I have gotten to the state where this is the only enjoyment that I get out of Russcon. I’m flawed, I know.

Game #3


This game of Exxtra royally sucked for me! There were two new gamers playing this game and they did not make their own decisions. For example, at the beginning of the game, I had rolled a 7-3 and placed it on the 4 (leaving the 5 open). Play continued around the table until the person on my right’s turn. He rolled a 7-6. Everyone started shouting to knock me off and he grinned and did it. So instead of getting 5 points for himself, he chose to take 3. Sure, during the game you knock off the leaders or people who you are competing with. But at the beginning of the game when we are all still at 0? Make your own decisions and don’t listen to other people and help them win at your own expense.

Of course I was knocked off repeatedly during the game and came in last.


A miniature Christmas light gives off about four tenths of a watt of energy, mostly in the form of heat, so that, in effect, we have covered the earth with tiny bulbs, six for every square metre. These bulbs are burning twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, year in and year out. link via

E-mails ‘hurt IQ more than pot’ link

How the customer expained it link via

Hubble’s top 10 discoveries link via

Orson Scott Card is glad Trek is dead link via

Combining Yahoo Traffic and Google Maps link via

Pixel art link via

The Oh-My-God [Magnum] particle link via

Real estate agents do not have your best interests at heart link via

Bush’s mail link via

The IBM auto show

IBM had its second annual (at least for me) car show. There were a lot of Corvettes (big surprise with rich IBMers), a DeLorean, a Ferrari, and some sweet Mustangs.

Auto #1
Auto #2
Auto #3
Auto #3
Auto #4
Auto #5
Auto #6

Game Day 05/05/2005

Game #1

Igloo Pop

This is a cute, somewhat quick, game where you are racing against others to guess how many Eskimo children (a.k.a. beads) are in igloo huts (a.k.a. small plastic containers). When you start, you quickly grab a hut and shake it. If you can guess with some confidence how many beads are in it, you can put your token on the hut and place it on a card. There are cards on the table (10?) that have either one, two, or three numbers on it. You then quickly grab another one and try again. Soon, all are claimed or no one wants to guess any further. Then, we go around the cards and see if the guesses were correct. If you are the correct and the highest number on the card, then you get your marker back, other people’s markers who guess incorrectly, and the card. If you are correct but your number is lower than another person who correclty guess higher, you get your token back but they get the rest of the tokens and the card. If you are incorrect, you loose your token. Play continues until someone runs out of tokens.

I was at one with my inner Ice Giant and I won the game. It is a fun game when it is played with the right people.

Game #2


This is the new Colovini game where you try and pick up treasures from the bottom of the sea. I didn’t like the first playing. It was a brain burner of a game that seemed to drag on far too long. Perhaps other playings can redeem the game for me.

Game #3

Breaking Away

This is a good that that simulates a bicycle race. I always like playing this game. Although tonight I raced poorly. It also played differently than previous times. Adam jumped ahead quickly and stayed ahead the whole game (usually a biker has one burst of speed and then is out of the race). I tried to keep my bikers in a group to support one another but was unable to. So I quickly lost steam in all of my riders. Still, its an interesting game.

Game Day 05/04/2005

Game #1

Control Nut

Marty brought this game to Russcon and I jumped out of the group that was starting Modern Art to play this game. This is a trick taking game that was self published and given out at the Gathering Of Friends. It is a partnership game that consists of 4 suits of 13 cards and 8 special power cards. At the beginning of the round, 4 of the special power cards are randomly drawn and then auctioned one at a time. Each player will have one bid where they must choose 3 cards from their hand and use them to bid for the card. The player with the highest total will then pass the three cards to the other three players. This happens for all three cards and who ever has the most special cards (or received the special card last in the case of a tie) determines trump.

So, there are already a number of interesting features of the game. You are given some knowledge of the cards in everyone’s hand. You are given better cards from the winners of the bidding. And there are an unequal number of cards in people’s hands.

The special cards are played during the game instead of a regular card (like Wizard where you can play the special card instead of being forced to play the lead card). Some of the special powers are always wins the trick, change the trump, and bonus points.

The play stops where both people on one team cannot play cards any more. The score is the number of stars taken (1s have 2, 3s have 1, and 7s have 1) times the number of tricks taken plus 5 points for each special card taken plus any bonus points from special cards.

Marty and I scored rather poorly this game. It definately requires some play to determine the best strategy.

Game #2


Truely a classic partnership trick taking card game and my favorite of that genre. My partner for this game played rather horribly (like they have never played a trick taking game before). For example, with the following cards remaining: KK337, he led KK and then led 33 which lost and went out last because no single card lower than a 7 was played. On another hand, he played a Phoenix on top of a queen when there were aces and the Dragon still out there. We lost.

The worst driver… eva!


During my commute home, I experienced the worst driver that I have ever seen! I was on Parmer in the right lane approaching Lamar. The light just turned red. In my rear-view mirror, I see an SUV travelling in the emergency lane. I watch as this vehicle cuts in just behind me and then force its way across two other lanes of stopped cars into the left hand turn lane. Then while the light is still red, it goes straight through the intersection. I finally make my way on to the IH-35 onramp and notice the vehicle again. I watch as it turns into the right hand lane, and then go to the middle lane, and then back to the right hand lane, and then back to the offramp. I am finally approaching her in the right lane as the offramp begins to turn into the frontage road. I watch as she decides to cut in front of me just before the road disappears. This is when I take the picture and back off to give her some more room. As she approaches 1825, she swerves a couple of times like she is tempted to use the emergency lane. And just as it is possible to turn onto the offramp, she does (way before it is legal to do so). Thankfully, that is the last I see of her.

I wonder what the emergency was. I hope that is not how she normally drives in rush hour.

But that is not all! I see a WRX doing 90 mph and someone else cuts in front of me to avoid having to slow down in the lane that they were in.

A day of computer losses

Today I had two incidents where I lost computer data. The first time, my Linksys box lost all of its settings. I had to reconstruct that information. The second time, I lost my bookmarks when Windows XP crashed. This was most annoying!

I wish people would make the code more bullet-proof rather than adding new features…

Yet another HEB


HEB is building another grocery store on the corner of 79 & 1430. This store is less than one mile away from another HEB on 79. So my question is why are they building so close to one another? There are already 3 stores within a 3 mile area! We need a Central Market and not yet another HEB (don’t get me started on why they insist on being two different stores)!

When I first moved to Round Rock, I dreamed of owning this large corner lot. In this dream, I would build a Central Market on the first floor, an Alamo Drafthouse on the second floor, some good restaurants (like Chuy’s) on the third floor, and a bunch of apartments above that! The other building would be a parking garage that would have a oil change station, gas station, and car wash in it. The rest of the land would be devoted to a park. It would be a great place to live. Why commute if all your needs are in one area? It would be a micro-city.