Game Day 05/05/2005

Game #1

Igloo Pop

This is a cute, somewhat quick, game where you are racing against others to guess how many Eskimo children (a.k.a. beads) are in igloo huts (a.k.a. small plastic containers). When you start, you quickly grab a hut and shake it. If you can guess with some confidence how many beads are in it, you can put your token on the hut and place it on a card. There are cards on the table (10?) that have either one, two, or three numbers on it. You then quickly grab another one and try again. Soon, all are claimed or no one wants to guess any further. Then, we go around the cards and see if the guesses were correct. If you are the correct and the highest number on the card, then you get your marker back, other people’s markers who guess incorrectly, and the card. If you are correct but your number is lower than another person who correclty guess higher, you get your token back but they get the rest of the tokens and the card. If you are incorrect, you loose your token. Play continues until someone runs out of tokens.

I was at one with my inner Ice Giant and I won the game. It is a fun game when it is played with the right people.

Game #2


This is the new Colovini game where you try and pick up treasures from the bottom of the sea. I didn’t like the first playing. It was a brain burner of a game that seemed to drag on far too long. Perhaps other playings can redeem the game for me.

Game #3

Breaking Away

This is a good that that simulates a bicycle race. I always like playing this game. Although tonight I raced poorly. It also played differently than previous times. Adam jumped ahead quickly and stayed ahead the whole game (usually a biker has one burst of speed and then is out of the race). I tried to keep my bikers in a group to support one another but was unable to. So I quickly lost steam in all of my riders. Still, its an interesting game.