Game Day 01/05/2008

Game #1

Risk Express

John had a game day because his family was away in Georgia. We started off with Risk Express. Which is a new and light dice game by Knizia. Oddly, this game was not sold in America. I had to ask Marty to get one of his cow-orkers to buy it in England and take it across the pond. Which is sad. There is no reason why this game would not sell as well as Monopoly Express which is already being sold here. Anyways, I like this game. It is quick, light, and thematic.

Game #2


Next up was Amyitis. John and I explained the game to Ed and Susan. But they missed out on a high-level overview of the mechanics and strategy. And that is because I don’t have one yet. There are a number of routes to score points and they don’t really mesh well. I went for progress along the victory point generation and I mostly ignored trying to finish gardens or concentrate on the temples either. Towards the end of the game, I was getting 10 victory points a turn. And it was enough to get first place.

Game #3


We finished up with a quick game of Attika. This is still a decent game. And it probably should be played slightly more often than it is. But, its hard to grab our attention when there are so many games out there to pick from.