Game Day 01/31/2008

Game #1

Bunte Runde

Since we were waiting for Nick to show up, we started off with a light filler. It played quick enough that we played it twice in a row.

Game #2

Risk Express

And since Nick had still not showed up we started another light filler. This time, it was risk express. For some reason, Jon decided to sit out this game.

Game #3


About now, we decided to give up on Nick and play Ra. It is definitely a great game and always plays differently.

Game #4


To finish up the night, I was able to get in a five player game of Phoenicia. This is the first time that I have played with five people. Usually, it is just with three. In this game, I chose to go after Mining instead of Cloth making. I passed on the first two forts and was able to get the last fort for cost. And I was able to secure a Granary for two extra store-houses (which I needed since I wasn’t going after Cloth making). With available workers and the mining card secured, I concentrated on building up my economy. Fortunately, there were no cards that I needed. Jon was off to a great start. However, instead of building up his economy, he decided to buy different cards. Mike had mining as well, but he took a time-out to buy Cloth making as well.

Once I got my economy up to six income cards, I turned my sites to victory points. I bought two city centers and one city wall for the win.