Disc golf 04/26/2008

disc in the water

The group checked out the new disc golf course near the Benbrook subdivision in Leander. The course is brand new. And it shows. They are still working on clearing out trees. A crew had come by earlier, cut some tree branches down, and left them laying in the course.

There is a creek running through the course. Of course, we lost discs in it! You had to cross the creek at different points. Each time, the only way to get across was one thin board. The only problem with that was that one end was usually in the water.

John in the thick growth
John in the thick growth again

The greens are pretty narrow. And the rough is very rough. It is quite easy to loose discs in the tall grass. If that wasn’t enough discouragement, right next to the rough is an impenetrable wall of brush and trees.

Lucky throw

I had a couple of good throws. But I tried to generally play it safe. Can you see that body of water in the distance? Well the basket is on that small hill behind it. There is about twenty feet of green around it.

Jon in the water

Jon threw his disc in the water. And if I wasn’t spotting his throw for him, he would have never found it. It disappeared into the muck without any trace.

Aggressive water moccasin

Apparently Jon stirred up more than just muck in that pond. An aggressive water moccasin started swimming around in it after he left. It went back and forth towards people. Can you spot it just past the green pond scum?

John throwing across the water

That wasn’t the only time you had to throw across the water either. The tee for seventeen is on the other side of another pond.