Bridge 06/17/2008

bridge hand

We played bridge again. This time, I played 4 out of the 5 hands. Woot! Sometimes I was wild and crazy. Sometimes my partner (Nick) was wild and crazy. We had one amusing moment. The dummy has AQJxx in diamonds and I have matching low diamonds. I tried finessing my Queen. I led a low diamond. Wayne ducked it. The dummy played a Queen and John ducked it as well. I knew where the King lay. I transferred control back to my hand again and led another low diamond. Finally, after the third diamond play goes around and my dummy’s Ace is still sitting on the table, Wayne gets frustrated and throws his King down. We all had a good laugh.

In the hand above, I went a little crazy and overbid four hearts. How often do you get a hand containing seven hearts and void in one suit? My partner made it easy by showing a strong supporting hand.

bridge score

Still don’t know about the score keeping…