D&D Shadowfall Keep (part 3)

Critical fumble for Joe

The D.M. bought a GameMastery Critical Fumble Deck. Every time that we rolled a 1 on a D20, he drew a card and applied the results to us. The deck is designed for the 3rd edition, so some changes had to be made. Joe was the first recipient to win the prize.

New camera for Jeff

Jeff bought a new toy, a Sony A-300 DSLR. Cool, another photo-geek that I can talk with.

Jon's special move

We got closer another level. But we still have not cleared out the building that we are exploring. Since our party seems weak, our D.M. got rid of the unhelpful Gnome and created another NPC for us. His name is Brother Tanaka. And he is a warlord. Chapel gave him to me to control. We quickly nicknamed him “meat puppet” as he was always running to the front and volunteering to be attacked by monsters. Jon finally got to use his multi-strike ability. There were actually three monsters that was attackable by one spot.