D&D Shadowfall Keep (part 5)


After a long hiatus, the group finally got back together and finished the first module. Sadly, Jeff did not show up. And, also sadly, he was our cleric. Coincidentally, Ed did show up to see how D&D compared to Descent. He played meat-puppet (a Paladin that our DM made when the unhelpful NPC gnome was ditched).

It was a little tough without a cleric. We all had used our second winds. And a couple of us were close to death. But we survived! And kicked some ass.

Our D.M. was rather generous at the end. He had bought a new book of magical items and he gave us four of them. He also let us reroll when the dice rolled badly during the treasure generation.

I did not do so well on the luck side. I kept falling down in blood. Repeatedly. Fortunately, I could still long range attack with my magic. And I rolled a couple of 1s. One of the 1s gave me a -1 (?) penalty for four days! Ouch! Another caused my Eldritch Blast to instead hit Jon at a natural-20 strength! Ouch!